About Me

Salesperson | Industrial Designer | Fabricator


Colorado Native, Car Enthusiast, Avid Snowboarder, Builder


As an industrial designer, I find myself searching for perfection. Realizing that perfection is impossible, I see it as a way to improve my skill set and imagination. Design incorporates many aspects of daily life. My approach to design is through research. In order to design, you must first understand. No matter the object, you must know the intended use, purpose, and final objective.

Having a closed mind can lead to restricted creativity. I try to keep my mind and my eyes open, learning how the world interacts with every object. I don’t want to be limited to one particular field, or product. Being well rounded will help in the design process for any situation. As for my future in industrial design, I wish to help develop products that are not only appealing, but make life a little better.

– Justin Foster